Europe’s Rise as a Global Hub for Pharma Innovation

18 December 2023

Pharmapack Drug Delivery Innovation Index 2024 Reflects Europe’s Rise as a Global Hub for Pharma Innovation

The annual Pharmapack Drug Delivery Innovation Index for 2024 has been released, and it comes bearing promising news for the pharmaceutical industry. This index, a metric evaluating drug delivery and device innovation across major pharma nations, has maintained record highs, signifying a continued surge in confidence and innovation within pharma R&D.

Released ahead of Pharmapack Europe 2024, the index has highlighted notable trends and shifts in the landscape of drug delivery innovation. The index, scored out of ten, witnessed a marginal rise to 7.45 from the previous record score of 7.44 in 2023. While most countries maintained their scores or saw slight declines, France emerged as the standout performer, marking an 11% increase and securing the fourth position in the rankings. Germany has overtaken the USA, traditionally a dominant force in innovation, to claim the top spot in the 2024 rankings.


The results of the Pharmapack Index serve as a vital indicator of industry confidence, pointing towards a resurgence in device innovation anticipated for 2024. Interestingly, European nations showcased robust performance, indicating a collective stronghold on drug device and packaging innovation.

The top-ranking countries – Germany, the USA, and the UK – maintained their positions with France and Italy making significant strides, replacing China and India in the top five. This underscores Europe’s burgeoning dominance in drug device and packaging innovation, with four out of the top five nations hailing from the continent.

The Pharmapack Index, a measure of drug delivery R&D confidence, remains robust. We anticipate a record-breaking event and, more importantly, a resurgence in industry-wide collaboration and innovative device development throughout 2024. | Laura Indriksone, Brand Manager at Pharmapack Europe

Pharmapack Europe is expected over 5,000 attendees and more than 370 companies participating in the event. Particularly noteworthy is the increased presence of early-stage companies, with the Start-Up Hub featuring over 20 promising enterprises. The event will feature pivotal elements such as the Pharmapack Awards, Learning Labs, and Innovation Tours, all aimed at spotlighting cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaborative development. Responding to high demand, two Country Pavilions dedicated to Switzerland and France, the standout performer in this year’s Index, will be launched at the event.

The complete Pharmapack Report 2024 and Index will be unveiled during the event on CPHI-online. For more information on the event and a comprehensive breakdown of conference topics, visit Pharmapack website.