Evertis unveils Evercare™: A new era in sustainable healthcare packaging

3 July 2024


Evertis has launched its Evercare™ brand, set to revolutionize the healthcare packaging market with cutting-edge, sustainable medical-grade films. Drawing on over 65 years of expertise, Evercare is designed to meet the stringent demands of the healthcare industry while championing environmental sustainability.


Industry-Leading Value Proposition

Evercare is part of a vertically integrated group, offering unparalleled value through innovation, sustainability, and supply chain security. Evertis, as a film converter for packaging, collaborates with Selenis, a leading supplier of innovative copolyester resins. This partnership ensures solutions that are specifically developed and certified for the medical value chain, enhancing patient safety and reducing environmental impact.


Advanced PET and PETG Solutions

The Evercare brand offers PET and PETG films that provide significant performance and sustainability benefits over traditional materials. These films facilitate the thermoforming process, enhance mechanical and optical properties, and exhibit superior resistance to sterilization. Manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, Evercare films support regulatory compliance with certifications including ISO10993, USP661.1, and ISO11607.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The healthcare packaging industry faces increasing pressure to improve sustainability, and Evercare is leading the charge. The Evercare product range includes recyclable PET-based solutions and offers additional sustainable options: bio-based materials and chemically recycled materials with up to 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. These sustainable solutions maintain high quality and regulatory standards, representing a significant opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint.

Leadership Insights

Gonzalo Lopez-Oleaga, Deputy CEO of Evertis Europe, stated, “This launch marks a significant milestone for our group. As innovators in polyester-based materials, we are now positioned to help healthcare companies achieve their sustainability goals. Our investments in technology and GMP manufacturing ensure we can meet the high standards of this market.

Casimiro Sacchetti, CSO of Evertis Americas, added, “This is an exciting and unique offering for the healthcare market. Combining extensive experience and technical knowledge with a vertically integrated operational setup, we are supporting our medical and pharma customers in transitioning to safe, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Evercare™ is set to transform the healthcare packaging landscape with its innovative, sustainable solutions!