Lorge expands its offer to the healthcare industry

21 October 2022

For over 100 years, Lorge is specialized in the design and the manufacturing of adhesive labels for the industry. Faced with the growing demand from the human and animal health sectors, the company is continuing to grow and has recently launched investments. The main objective is to optimize the facilities and to increase the production capacity to meet the demand.

For this purpose, an isolated manufacturing area equipped with an air treatment system has been created and specially fitted out to limit the risks of contamination. The new area is equipped with a Markandy 8 color press, a high-tech equipment for flexographic printing and cutting. This printing technique, which allows high production volumes, meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality, but also durability. Indeed, in addition to the biosourced materials, the inks used (UV or water-based inks) are environmentally friendly. They also have a very low interaction with the containers, which allows them to be used for example on syringes, glass or plastic bottles or packaging of active ingredients. Finally, the cutting machine is equipped with an AVT camera to control the release of the manufactured batches.

By now offering two distinct printing processes, digital and flexographic, in an isolated manufacturing area, Lorge completes its offer to the pharmaceutical markets.

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