Vetter, a pioneering effort in the CDMO industry

6 December 2023

Vetter, a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), continues to spearhead its sustainability initiatives, as evidenced by its recent inclusion in the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). This membership signifies a pivotal commitment to stringent climate protection goals, aligning with the imperative target of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The company’s dedication extends to adhering to the 1.5 degrees Celsius global warming target, positioning it among the vanguard of environmentally conscious entities worldwide.

Setting a robust sustainability strategy through 2030, Vetter’s approach integrates plans for dynamic growth while meticulously considering the impact on CO2 emissions. The firm has already taken significant strides toward its Net Zero goals for 2023. By commissioning a new photovoltaic plant and converting an existing power plant to biogas at its Ravensburg Center for Visual Inspection and Logistics, Vetter demonstrates a tangible commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Henryk Badack, Senior Vice President of Technical Service and Internal Project Management at Vetter, highlights the company’s proactive measures in energy efficiency and the transition to eco-friendly energy sources. Emphasizing transparency in their pursuit of Net Zero, Badack underlines the company’s readiness to share its sustainability journey with customers and partners.

Joining the SBTi not only signifies ambitious climate targets but also underscores Vetter’s dedication to uniform monitoring and reporting standards for CO2-related processes. The company’s current sustainability report already encompasses part of its Scope 3 emissions, aligned with the international Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol, further solidifying its commitment to transparent and traceable carbon footprint reduction.

Moreover, Vetter’s attainment of ecovadis Platinum status, ranking among the top one percent of sustainable companies globally, reinforces its commitment to sustainable supply chains and continuous improvement in environmental and social responsibility. The company’s active participation in the UN Global Compact and consistent sustainability reporting reflect its dedication to upholding ethical and sustainable practices.

Vetter’s investments in renewable energy infrastructure and its proactive approach to sustainability underscore a concerted effort to reshape the pharmaceutical industry’s landscape, setting new benchmarks for environmental responsibility and innovation in the sector.